Who We Are

New Harvest was founded in 2000 by Rik Kleinfeldt and Paula Anderson with the intent of bringing great coffee to real people. Originally located in a drafty shed on the site of the old Washburn Wire factory in Rumford, Rhode Island, New Harvest now calls Hope Artiste Village home. Our roastery hums five days a week, filling coffee orders to all fifty states. It’s also where we have our daily staff cuppings, during which the day comes to a halt for a half-hour and we taste and talk coffee. In our Training Center, we train baristas, home coffee enthusiasts, and pretty much anyone who will listen on how to craft great coffee.

Why? Because we care about coffee, and we want you to care about it, too.

Every step in the artisan coffee chain—from growing to harvesting to processing to roasting and finally to brewing—requires care, attention and most of all, passion about the final result.

Since it is an agricultural product, coffee quality varies according to season, harvesting, milling and sorting practices at origin, and roasting profiles. To maintain a consistently excellent product, we seek out direct relationships with farms, creating a dialogue with growers so they can understand and act on the expectations we have for the coffee we roast. At the same time, our relationships enable New Harvest to witness and verify first-hand that the higher prices we pay for these beans benefits the farmers and their coffee-growing communities.

By the time the green coffee gets to us, thousands of hours have already gone into it. We honor that work at our roastery by constantly evaluating our roasting practices and fine-tuning our roast profiles to achieve exceptional results. We test our roasts across a full spectrum of brewing methods, to ensure that both our wholesale and retail customers have the opportunity to brew the best cup possible.

For us, the coffee journey doesn’t end just because the beans are no longer in our hands. We are also dedicated to building a thriving artisan coffee community, one in which food service businesses and consumers learn to appreciate how great coffee can be. We feel that this is the path to true sustainability. As more coffee drinkers understand the complexity and potential of their morning brew, coffee growers will reap the benefits. We achieve this through the intensive training we offer our wholesale and retail customers, as well as the many events and demonstrations we hold at our Pawtucket Training Center, farmers markets, and regional grocery stores in New England. We also offer onsite training throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

To put it simply, our mission is to encourage you to engage with coffee. Treated with great care at every link in the chain, it inspires.