A Different Way

We started building our Source Direct program in 2007 by traveling to coffee farms in South and Central America. Our goal was to connect directly with small farms that produced great coffee and create lasting relationships with growers. As artisan roasters, we need to connect with small producers to develop the highest quality coffee.

We met great people, who grew awesome coffee, took care of their land and paid their workers well. People like Oswaldo Acevedo in Santander, Colombia, whose third-generation farm is as much a nature preserve as a coffee estate. The Monge brothers in Costa Rica, whose generosity and esprit de corp is legendary in the Aserri region. The Portillo family in Honduras, whose passion for excellence is self-evident to anyone who knows them.

The Model

Source Direct is not a certification. It is a commitment to do what it takes to create real collaboration between New Harvest and small coffee farms to ensure quality. The most important element is communication: farmers need to know what we want and we need to know what their challenges are in meeting our needs. Usually it means visiting the farms at least every two years, checking up on picking and processing practices, tasting coffee with growers and comparing notes. We pay all of our Source Direct partners at least 30% above the minimum Fair Trade price and for high-quality microlots we often pay more than double the Fair Trade minimum.

Source Direct is not a guarantee or endorsement of any specific environmental, social or economic practices on coffee farms and should not be seen as such.

The Coffees

Our current Source Direct partners include the following:

  • ASOPROAAA – Tarrazú, Costa Rica
  • COOPRONARANJO – Naranjo, Costa Rica
  • Los Portillos – San Vicente, Honduras
  • COMSA – Marcala, Honduras

Coffee is an agricultural product, whose quality varies according to season, harvesting, milling and sorting practices at origin and roasting profiles. We seek out direct relationships with farms, in order to create dialogue with growers so they can understand and act on the expectations we have for the coffee we roast. At the same time, such relationships enable New Harvest to witness and verify first-hand that the higher prices we pay for these beans benefits coffee-growing communities at large.


usda_logoWe offer some Certified Organic coffees. These coffees are certified to be grown and processed without chemicals. We are certified as an Organic Handler by Baystate Organic Certifiers.