Dose: 14g

Grind: medium “drip”

Water: 235g

Yield: 235g

Steep Time: 3.5-4 minutes

Press Time: 30 seconds

Total Brew Time: 4-4.5 minutes

  1. Start by inverting the AeroPress, placing it plunger-side down with the black plastic filter cap facing up. Pull the plunger out until it is just past the “4” mark on the side of the brewing cylinder.  
  2. Dose your 14g of freshly ground coffee into the brewing cylinder.
  3. Place the cylinder on the scale and tare to 0.
  4. Add 235g of water directly to the grounds, being sure to wet all the coffee evenly, and allow to steep for about 3.5-4 minutes.
  5. While the coffee is brewing, place one paper AeroPress filter into the black plastic filter cap and lock the cap into place on the top of the brewing cylinder.
  6. At the end of your brew time, un-invert your AeroPress, placing the entire apparatus filter-side down on the top of your mug or serving vessel.
  7. Press down with enough force to push all the brewed coffee through and out in about thirty seconds.  
  8. When you’ve finished, unscrew the cap and give the plunger a quick final push to eject the spent coffee cake out of the brew cylinder.
  9. And that’s it!  Pour, sip, enjoy!