Coffee Care

At New Harvest, we go to great lengths to source excellent, in-season coffees. We carefully develop a roast profile that best suits each bean, ensuring that its unique potential and character are realized in every batch.

We believe there is no larger step one can take towards enjoying better coffee than to consider its freshness: In-season harvests, fresh roasted coffees, and brewed-to-order beverages. Because of this, we suggest buying only as much coffee as you plan to use for three weeks. Coffee begins to degas, emitting its volatile aromatics alongside carbon dioxide, immediately after the roast. To slow this loss, and more importantly the dulling and aged-tasting effects of oxidation, store your beans in an opaque, air-tight container. If you plan to keep your coffee for more than a month, try storing your beans in the freezer in individual serving portions.

Bottom-line, our coffees will be their absolute best between two and ten days after roasting.