Community Giving Policy

New Harvest Coffee Roasters recognizes that there are many worthy organizations doing amazing, necessary work in our community. Since we cannot support them all, we’ve elected to target a few key populations and issues in hopes of making a larger impact.

Does your organization qualify?

  • Is it located and working within the greater Providence area?
  • Is it not-for-profit?
  • Does it have a track record of meeting the needs of its target community effectively?
  • Does it focus on one or, better yet, a combination of these:
    • Teens
    • Literacy
    • The Arts
    • Maternal health and mental health
    • Food insecurity

If the answers are yes, yes, yes, and yes, we may have a match.

When contacting us, please provide the following information:

  • Beneficiary of event
  • Date and time of event (both time for set-up/breakdown and actual event time)
  • Location of event
  • Event details
  • Item/donation preference
  • Contact information including a phone number, email, and point person’s name
  • When you would like to pick up donated materials. Coffee donations should be picked up no earlier than a week before an event to ensure freshness. Brewed coffee should be picked up immediately prior to the event. Brewed coffee containers should be returned the same day, the next morning at the latest.

Please note:

  • Requests that require NHC staff participation (full espresso service at an event, for example) must be made at least two months prior to the date of the event. The earlier the request is made, the more likely we will be able to fulfill it. Be aware that some organizations plan up to a year in advance and may have already booked the time you want, especially during peak fundraising seasons.
  • Full espresso service at events requires a convenient, grounded power source.
  • We will donate to qualified organizations once per 12 month period.
  • Material donations must be picked up at NHC in Pawtucket, or, with prior arrangement, at NHC&S in Providence.
  • Once a donation is made, a document must be submitted from your organization citing the value of the donation, its receipt, and your organization’s tax ID number.