Bee House Brewer

Bee House Brewer

Dose: 22g

Grind: medium to fine

Water Benchmarks: 66g | 166g| 360g

Yield: 360g

Active Pour Time: 2.5 minutes

Total Brew Time: 3-3.5 minutes

  1. Sit the Bee House Brewer on top of your mug or serving vessel and place your #2 Melitta filter in the brewer.
  2. Pre-wet the filter with hot water to wash out any papery taste and warm the brew equipment,. Discard the water after rinsing.  
  3. Dose freshly ground coffee into the center of the filter and shake the brewer gently to settle the grounds.
  4. Place your mug and brewer on the scale and tare to 0.
  5. Start your timer and vigorously add 66g (triple your dry coffee dose) of water directly to the center of the flat bed of grounds, being sure to wet all the coffee.  Allow the coffee to “bloom”, or off-gas, for 30-40 seconds (the older the coffee, the shorter the bloom time).
  6. After bloom, add an additional 100g of water.  Pour slowly, starting in the center of the grounds and spiraling outwards being careful to hit all the coffee evenly. Your scale should read: 166g.
  7. Now maintain this water level, gently adding a little bit of water every ten seconds or so.
  8. Stop pouring when you’ve hit your total yield of 360g.  This should happen around 2.5 minutes.
  9. Allow the coffee to “drop” or drain out into the lower chamber before removing the filter.  This should finish at around 3-3.5 minutes.
  10. Remove the Bee House from your mug or server, pour, sip, enjoy!