Brewed coffee is an extraction of water soluble flavoring compounds. These chemical compounds are released from the coffee particles at differing rates. Important to note also is that there are many compounds that when extracted yield undesirable flavors in the cup. This is why we match larger particle sizes to longer brewing times (ex. French Press, four minutes – slower rate of extraction) and smaller particle sizes to shorter brewing times (ex. Espresso, 20 – 30 seconds – faster rate of extraction). These facts, amongst others, are reasons why grind consistency and size are of utmost import when considering the transformation of roasted coffee into a delicious beverage.

We recommend grinding your coffee directly before brewing with an easily adjustable burr grinder. Unlike blade grinders, burrs maintain a consistent particle size and (most) are designed to operate without exposing the grounds to excessive heat and thus tainting flavor in the cup. You will find many options available when purchasing a good burr grinder.

No doubt, with a solid grinder by your side you will not only be making phenomenal coffee, but having more fun doing it.