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Organic Ethiopia Konga



Single Origin

Flavor Notes: Vanilla bean, hazelnut, dried berries, maple syrup, custard, grenadine, french toast.

Designations: Organic
Location: Wareda Zone, Gedeo, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Processing: Fully washed
Varietals: Heirloom 
Elevation: 1900-2300 msl

Roast Level 1

About this coffee

The Konga cooperative is one in a network of cooperatives in the Yirgacheffe region. Its 2,400 smallholder members distinguish themselves with their impeccable attention to detail in processing. Ethiopian heirloom varietals are chosen from the forest and transplanted to small gardens, adding a layer of selection to the incredible complexity available among wild coffee plants.

Farmers hand sort for unripe and overripe cherries. Coffee is pulped and wet fermented for 24-36 hours. The fermented coffee is washed in clean water before drying for one to two weeks on cloth drying beds.

As part of the cooperative's mission to give back to its community, it recently renovated buildings at a primary school and outfitted it with new supplies.

Coffee Club

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Keep the coffee lovers on your gift list well-supplied with freshly roasted coffee for an entire year. The first shipment includes a New Harvest Coffee  Roasters mug. Shipping is included.

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