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Organic Sumatra Takengon Image

Organic Sumatra Takengon



Single Origin

Flavor Notes: Smoky, peppercorn, cashew.

Designations: Organic
Location: Lake Tawa, Aceh, Sumatra
Processing: Wet-hulled, Sun-dried on patios
Varietals: Bourbon, Catimor, Typica
Elevation: 1200-1600 msl

Roast Level 2

About this coffee

This coffee is produced on family-owned farms organized around the Koperasi Kopi Gayo Organic Cooperative. The farmers are from the Gayo ethnic group and many are women who've been widowed due to periods of armed conflict in the area. These families have also been rebuilding after a 2013 earthquake.

The beans are wet-hulled and sun-dried on patios. Varietals are Bourbon, Catimor, and Typica.

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