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Steam Roller Tee Image

Steam Roller Tee



Coffee Gifts:

The coffee blend was inspired by New England's first professional football team, the Providence Steam Roller, who played their first game in Providence in 1916 just down Main Street from our roastery. 


Sing it with us: (Slowly) Steam Roller… Roll, Roll, Roll (Faster) Across their… Goal, Goal, Goal For while the band is playin’, stands are swayin’ Fans are sayin’ ‘ROLL, Steam Roller’ Through their line Around to the end! That’s fine And, now to swell the score, one TD more So… Roll! Roll! Roll! 90% Cotton, 10% Poly.

Coffee Club

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Coffee Club Image

Keep the coffee lovers on your gift list well-supplied with freshly roasted coffee for an entire year. The first shipment includes a New Harvest Coffee  Roasters mug. Shipping is included.

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