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Costa Rica Natural La Fila Microlot



Red currant, tangerine, vanilla. Silky body, complex sweetness.
Location: ASOPROAA Washing Station, Tarrazu, Costa Rica Elevation: 1400 msl

Product Description

La Fila was purchased by grower Ismael Monge-Garbanzo’s father around 1986. Ismael worked together with his father and they decided to plant coffee on all thirteen hectares, except for the small forest they decided to keep on the farm. In 1999, Ismael and his brother inherited the farm from their father. Ismael produces washed, honey and natural processed coffees at his farm and takes it to the ASOPROAAA mill for processing.
The varietals are Caturra and Catuai. A natural process is used and the coffee is sun-dried.

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12 oz., 5 lb., 6 oz.


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