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Dark Roast of the Decade



Epic. Fruit and berry notes weave through a traditional deep, smoky body.

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What we typically refer to as the coffee “bean” is actually the seed of a fruit known as the coffee cherry. One of the most crucial steps in the production of coffee is referred to as processing, where the fruit is removed to reveal the seed that we then import, roast and brew. In most cases, this is accomplished using the “wet” method: the cherries are stripped off the seed using water and agitation after which they are soaked in fermentation tanks to remove any remaining fruit material before drying. This process requires a lot of clean water and a certain amount of infrastructure. In regions where these things have historically been in short supply coffee is often processed using the “dry” method, called Natural Processing. Here, the coffee cherries are harvested and then dried with the fruit intact, resulting in a deep, full body and an intensely fruity flavor profile that, here, shines through the dark, smoky roast profile of our Dark Roast of the Decade.

Current Components: Natural Ethiopia Sidamo Guji

Guji is one of the zones of the Oromia Region of Southern Ethiopia known for producing some amazing natural coffees. This coffee tends to showcase some nice fruit-forward characteristics with a medium body. In the past coffees from Guji have been sold in the Sidamo category, but since the quality is high and the profile is unique, more and more, we are seeing these coffees separated from other Sidamos.

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5 lb., 12 oz.


Whole Bean, Cone Drip Filter, Flat Bottom Drip Filter, French Press, Pour Over, Chemex, AeroPress, Cold Brew, Espresso, Gold Filter, Percolator


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