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Guatemala La Criatura



Bright, clean body, red grape, and papaya.
Location: Acatenango, Guatemala Elevation: 1650 msl

Product Description

La Criatura is a unique creation. Taking a microlot grown by Erik Perez (owner of El Porvenir, Guatemala), Josue Morales of Mayaland Coffee and TG-Lab, has been experimenting with and perfecting processing techniques. The coffee is fully washed, but employs an extra-long fermentation time (exact number of hours top secret) based on cherry density rather than strictly ripeness. The processing creates flavor notes one might expect to find in a clean natural African coffee or a honey-processed Central American, not a fully washed Central American. This stands out as something special among traditional Guatemalans and one can understand why Josue jokingly calls it “the creature”. We have a mere two bags out of only four produced, so this will go quickly!