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Kenya Barichu Karatina AA

Kenya Barichu


Juicy papaya with a bright grapefruit acidity and a long sweet finish.
Location: Barichu Farmers Coop, Nyeri District, Kenya Elevation: 1700-1800 msl

Product Description

Karatina is a Kikuyu name for a “tree” that produces some fruits used to brew the famous Muratina beer, which was used by the Kikuyu to celebrate and perform rituals.  Within the vicinity of the factory, there is a town with the famous Karatina open air market and hotels that cater to visitors with a view of the snow-capped Mt. Kenya.

Fermentation is done with fresh river water from the Ragati river and then sundried on raised beds.

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6 oz., 12 oz., 5 lb.


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