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Organic Classic Espresso



Darkly roasted in the southern Italian tradition. Aromas of cocoa and pipesmoke with cherry and chocolate in the cup.

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Product Description

A great choice for old school european style espresso or a rich, smoky pot of drip coffee.

While all of our blends rotate ingredients throughout the year as fresh crops become available, this blend features Certified USDA Organic coffee from Latin America.

Current Components: Organic Colombia Sierra Nevada

ASOPROKAN stands for “Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta Agroecological Indigenous Kankuam Producers Association”. This coop was formed by the indigenous tribe, Kankuamo, which is a unique attribute to this coffee. The coop is located in a town called Atanquez, which is located on the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range. ASOPROKAN was created in 2008 and it consists of 150 indigenous families. It was started to initiate programs for the socio-cultural and socio-economic recovery of the Kankuamo people. The organization resides on about 520 hectares, providing each family with about 3 hectares.

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5 lb., 12 oz.


Whole Bean, Cone Drip Filter, Flat Bottom Drip Filter, French Press, Pour Over, Chemex, AeroPress, Cold Brew, Espresso, Gold Filter, Percolator


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