When it comes to preparing great coffee, we want your staff to feel confident in their knowledge and abilities. Our training program is designed to give baristas an in-depth, hands-on experience to help them get the most out of our coffee. The New Harvest Training Center, located at our roastery at Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, RI, is the perfect place to learn the skills and techniques necessary to create truly wonderful coffee every time. To see scheduled class times and register, click here.

Course Offerings

This four-hour intensive class introduces the essential principles and industry best practices for preparing quality espresso and espresso-based beverages. Barista Fundamentals is an introductory course, so no prior experience is necessary! Students should expect to leave with an understanding of:

  • The journey of coffee from seed to cup and the role of the barista as coffee steward
  • Proper technique for espresso preparation
  • How to steam milk for microfoam
  • Building a variety of espresso-based drinks
  • Basic workflow on bar
  • Daily cleaning procedures for espresso equipment

Prerequisites: none
This class is a prerequisite for Barista Fundamentals I.

Building on the skills and knowledge established in our Barista Fundamentals course, this class explores the concepts of strength and extraction in espresso preparation and teaches students to implement new techniques for optimizing workflow while preparing espresso with precision and accuracy. Students should come prepared to taste and evaluate multiple espressos.
Prerequisites: Barista Fundamentals

BREW METHODS: The Basics of Brewing
This class introduces the basics of brewing and explains how recipe, grind size, and brew time all influence the quality of final cup. Students will brew, taste, and discuss as they are lead through the essential techniques and best practices for pourover brewing. Students also take home a half pound bag of New Harvest Coffee and their own Bee House ceramic coffee dripper.
Prerequisites: none
This class is a prerequisite for Brew Methods II


To see scheduled class times and register, click here.