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Brew French Press

How to Brew French Press


40g of New Harvest Coffee


Coarse(think Breadcrumbs)



Brew Time


What you need

  • Frenc Press
  • Decanting vessel
  • Kettle
  • Grinder
  • Digital Scale
  • Timer

Step 1

  1. Rinse your French Press carafe with hot water to preheat. Dump the hot water.
  2. Place your French Press carafe on the scale and tare to 0.
  3. Dose your freshly ground New Harvest coffee into the carafe and shake gently to settle the grounds. Confirm that your dose is correct then tare the scale to 0 again.

Step 2

  1. Start your timer and, at the center of the grounds, vigorously add 120g of water, wetting all of the grounds.
  2. Allow the coffee to bloom, or off-gas, for 30-40 seconds. After the bloom, add the rest of your water vigorously, until you hit your total yield, 640g.


Step 3

  1. Place the lid on the carafe but do not plunge yet! Allow your coffee to brew for 4 minutes before pushing the plunger down.
  2. Plunge and decant promptly!

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