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Made by Love

Grown by real people, roasted by real people, loved by real people. And real monsters.

November Picks - Old Friends Return

The Doves Have Flown All the Way from Costa Rica

Costa Rica Las Palomas
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Don Oscar Sends His Regards

Organic Honduras Finca Cual Bicicleta
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Play Misty for Me! (in a Delicious, Non-Creepy Way)

Ethiopia Natural Misty Valley
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  • Staff Training
  • Tech Support
  • Equipment
  • Fast & Local

There are many variables that go into making great coffee. We have you covered with experience and expertise at every step!

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New Harvest Coffee Roasters - what would we do without this company? Not only do they roast great coffee but they follow through with amazing training for our baristas and technical help for our machines. Since 2007 they have supported our business in so many ways, even turning up with brewed coffee on opening day all those years ago when we were too stupid to figure out how to work our new coffee machines! They brew consistently superior coffee and always always deliver it on time. For busy restaurants and cafes it is this reliability that stands out the most because it gives you peace of mind - one less thing to worry about. I highly recommend this company.
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Jen Cavallaro Owner, The Bee Hive Cafe and Pantry

Coffee Club

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Keep the coffee lovers on your gift list well-supplied with freshly roasted coffee for an entire year. The first shipment includes a New Harvest Coffee Roasters mug. Shipping is included.

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