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Chemex Brewer




Classic and elegant brew method yields a perfectly balanced cup of coffee, due to the conical shape as well as the scientifically designed bonded filters that are used.


Great for people who love the ritual of hand brewing coffee, and for coffee drinkers that like a clean and balanced cup. It's also a beautiful piece to display in your kitchen.

Made of non-porous borosilicate glass which ensures the natural flavor of your coffee without absorbing odors or chemical residues.

Available in 3, 8, and 10 cup sizes (note: 5oz. = 1 cup).

Requires Chemex filters.

Coffee Club

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Coffee Club Image

Keep the coffee lovers on your gift list well-supplied with freshly roasted coffee for an entire year. The first shipment includes a New Harvest Coffee  Roasters mug. Shipping is included.

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