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Knit Your Own Coffee Monster!

Customer Elizabeth Sullivan created a Coffee Monster knitting pattern and generously shared it with us!   


Pattern by Elizabeth Sullivan

A few years ago, one of our customers created her own coffee monster and was kind enough to share her pattern with us. We lost the instructions in our platform move, but here they are again! Enjoy!


Cascade 220 (or other worsted weight yarn): Glamour red (2427),Natural (8010), Scraps of black (8555) for features

No 5 double pointed needles

Tapestry needle

Poly-fil stuffing

Optional for improved standing: Small (3in) muslin or cotton bag filled with plastic pellets and sewed shut. (Bags can be found in craft store, usually for wedding favors. Beans or rice could be substituted for plastic pellets.)



K = Knit

P = Purl

K2tog = Knit 2 stitches together

P2tog = Purl 2 stitches together

Ssk = Slip 2 stitches knit-wise, then knit them together

St st = Stockinette stitch




Cast on 70 sts and join in the round. 

Rnds 1-25: Knit all sts

Rnd 26: (K2tog, K33) twice (68 sts)

Rnd 27: Knit all sts

Rnd 28: (K32, K2tog) twice (66 sts)

Rnd: 29: Knit all sts

Rnd: 30: (K2tog, K31) twice (64sts)

Rnd 31: Knit all sts

Rnd 32: K30, K2tog) twice (62 sts)

Rnd 33: Knit all sts

Rnd 34: (K2tog, K29) twice (60 sts)

Rnd 35: Knit all sts

Rnd 36: K28, K2tog) twice (58 sts)

Rnd 37: Knit all sts

Rnd 38: (K2tog, K27) twice (56 sts)

Rnd 39: Knit all sts

Rnd 40: (K26, K2tog) twice (54 sts)

Rnd 41: Knit all sts

Rnd 42: (K2tog, K25) twice (52 sts)

Rnd 43: Knit all sts

Rnd 44: (K24, K2tog) twice (50 sts)

Rnd 45: (Ssk, K21, K2tog) twice (46 sts)

Rnd 46: (Ssk, K19, K2tog) twice (42 sts)

Rnd 47: (Ssk, K17, K2tog) twice (38 sts)

Rnd 48: (Ssk, K15, K2tog) twice (34 sts)

Rnd 49: (Ssk, K13, K2tog) twice (30 sts)

Divide stitches evenly on 2 needles. Turn body inside out. Work 3-needle bind off on all stitches. Turn right side out. 



Pick up 70 sts from cast-on edge of body and join to work in the round.

Rnd 1-5: Knit all sts

Rnd 6: (K2tog, K5) around (60sts)

Rnd 7: (K2tog, K4) around (50sts)

Rnd 8: (K2tog, K3) around (40sts)

Rnd 9: (K2tog, K2) around (30sts)

Stuff body with poly-fil. Leave about 15% unstuffed at bottom. Add bean-filled muslin bag below stuffing and continue to knit, enclosing over bag.

Rnd 10: Knit all sts

Rnd 11: (K2tog, K1) around (20sts)

Rnd: 12: Knits all sts

Rnd 13: K2tog around (10sts)

Rnd 14: Knit all sts

Cut yarn long and using tapestry needle, thread yarn end through stitches to close base. Weave through a second time to secure. 


ARMS (2):

Cast on 12 sts and join in the round

Rnd 1-30: Knit all sts

Rnd 31: Ssk, K4, K2tog, K4

Divide stitches evenly onto 2 needles. Turn arm inside out. Work 3-needle bind-off on all stitches. Turn arm right side out. 


EARS (2):

Cast on 6 sts

Row 1-5: Starting with purl row, St st

Row 6: Ssk, K3, K2tog

Row 7: P2tog twice

Row 8: K2tog

Secure yarn and weave in ends




Cast on 20 stitches and join in the round

Rnd 1 – 9: Knit all sts

Bind off purlwise



Pick up 20 stitches from cast-on edge, join into round.

Knit all sts

(K2tog, K1) x 6; K2tog (13 sts)

K2tog x 6, K1 (7 sts)

K2tog x 3, K1 (4 sts)

Cut long thread and thread through remaining stitches. Pull tight to secure. 



Cast on 3 stitches

I cord for 10 rows


Loop through final stitch to tie off

Sew handle to cup, allowing it to curve



Sew ears onto head at each angled corner with knit side facing the front

Lightly stuff arms and sew to body about halfway up along each side.

Sew coffee cup to “hand” end of each arm, putting left “hand” partially through handle

Using black yarn, embroider face with photo or logo for reference


Put Coffee Monster in your kitchen or on top of your coffee grinder, and let him bask in the glow of freshly made coffee.

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