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Low acidity with a rich mouth feel make the AeroPress a popular and less gritty alternative to other plunger methods (yeah, French Press, we're talking about you).

About AeroPress Brewing



17g of New Harvest Coffee


Medium-Fine (think Table Salt)



Brew Time

2 minutes

What you need

  • AeroPress
  • AeroPress filter
  • Serving vessel
  • Kettle
  • Grinder
  • Digital Scale
  • Timer
  • Stirring tool

Step 1

  1. Unscrew the filter basket from the AeroPress and place a paper filter in the basket.
  2. Pre-wet your filter with hot water to wash out the filter’s paper taste and to warm the brew equipment. Discard water after use.
  3. Place your AeroPress (without the plunger) on a serving vessel. Place both on the scale and tare to 0.

Step 2

  1. Dose your freshly ground New Harvest coffee into the AeroPress. Shake the brewer gently to settle the ground.
  2. Confirm that your dose is correct then tare the scale to 0 again. Start your timer.
  3. Start your timer and vigorously wet all of the grounds in 10 seconds using around 100g of water, spinning the brewer to get full access to the grounds.

Step 3

  1. Place the plunger at angle in the brew chamber. This seal will create a vacuum and cause the brew water to remain in the brew chamber. Do not plunge yet! Allow the coffee to bloom, or off-gas, for 30-40 seconds.


Step 4

  1. At 1:15 minutes, remove the plunger and add the rest of the water (total water is 235g) vigorously and stir.
  2. Replace the plunger at angle to create the seal again.

Step 5

  1. At 2 minutes, remove the setup from the scale. Straighten the plunger and push! After you have pushed out the entire brew, unscrew the basket and discard the puck. Always swirl your brew before you serve and enjoy!


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