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With their unique triple filtering, the Chemex produces a clean, balanced cup. Elegant and timeless, Chemex brewers are available in four sizes: 10-cup, 8-cup, 6-cup and 3-cup. This recipe is for a 10-cup Chemex!

About Chemex Brewing



40g of New Harvest Coffee


Medium Coarse (think Kosher Salt)



Brew Time

4-5 minutes

What you need

  • Chemex brewer
  • Chemex filter
  • Kettle
  • Grinder
  • Digital Scale
  • Timer
  • Poking tool
  • Coffee cup

Step 1

  1. Fold your Chemex filter and place it in the brewer so that the conical filter has three layers on the pouring spout side. Pre-wet your filter with hot water to wash out the filter’s paper taste and to warm the brew equipment. Discard water after use.
  2. Place your brewer on the scale and tare to 0.


Step 2

  1. Dose your freshly ground New Harvest coffee into the center of the filter. Shake the brewer gently to settle the ground before using a spoon to make a small divot in the center of the grounds.
  2. Confirm that your dose is correct then tare the scale to 0 again. Start your timer.


Step 3

  1. Starting at the center of the grounds, vigorously add 120g of water in an outward spiral.

Step 4

  1. Allow the coffee to bloom, or off-gas, for 30-40 seconds. After the bloom, begin adding water in steady outward spirals until you reach 320g.


Step 5

  1. Now, maintain this water level, gently adding water approximately 10 second intervals until you’ve hit your total yield, 640g. This should happen close to the end of your total brew time.
  2. Allow the coffee to drip through before removing the filter and grounds. Discard the filter, swirl your Chemex, pour and enjoy!

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