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Monster Espresso

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Flavor Notes: Old-school, classic Federal Hill espresso: stout body, towering crema, notes of dark chocolate & a dash of snark. Kinda dahk, just like it says. 

Components: Guatemala La Voz, Colombia Santa Barbara 

Roast Level 5

About this Blend

Espresso is the method of extracting coffee, and not necessarily a type of coffee or roast profile. You can use any kind of coffee to make espresso, however some can be more forgiving than others. Dark roasts are typically used for espresso because the pronounced roast level translates into that rich, dark, bold espresso flavor that many are familiar with.

Lately more and more roasters have pushed for lighter roasted espresso offerings, which produce a shot full of unique tastes and high acidity. Here at New Harvest, we love all kinds of espresso, and whereas our Whisper Espresso presents a more contemporary styled lighter profile, we wanted to offer something more traditional for the fans of that darker, “Italian style” espresso. Our Monster Espresso is the delicious result.  Great for espresso or drip coffee!

All of our blends rotate ingredients throughout the year as fresh crops become available. 

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