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Whisper Espresso




Flavor Notes: Bright, fruity, and melodious, with notes of cherry, dark chocolate, and orange peel. Our seasonal espresso blend. 

Components: Costa Rica La Rosa, Ethiopia Amaro Gayo 

Roast Level 3

About this Blend

Espresso is perhaps the most intense method for brewing coffee, utilizing massive amounts of pressure to deliver a very concentrated beverage. While one may use any type of coffee to make espresso--from light roast to dark, single origin to blend--it can be hard to find balance with such an extreme brew method. Great coffee, especially under the microscope of espresso brewing, is a bit of a moving target, and beans change over time. Coffees grown on the same farm change from harvest to harvest. Our Whisper Espresso blend is a delicious response to the intense nature of espresso brewing and the ever changing nature of coffee itself: as the harvest calendar progresses and new crops arrive, we make slight changes to this blend to maintain the rich, fruity, intricate character that makes Whisper special year after year. Great for espresso or drip coffee!

The La Rosa component is part of our Source Direct program.

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Keep the coffee lovers on your gift list well-supplied with freshly roasted coffee for an entire year. The first shipment includes a New Harvest Coffee  Roasters mug. Shipping is included.

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